Our multigen toy Labradoodles have the intelligence of a poodle and the sweet calm
personality of a Lab, along with the important additional characteristic of a non-shed or
low-shed hypoallergenic coat.  Finding  and developing the perfect breeding partners is a
difficult chore taking many generations. The F1 (50%/50%) Labradoodle is an adorable
dog in its own right, and is an excellent choice for those families who are on a tight
budget and not concerned about shedding or allergies.  Nearly ALL F1's shed
considerably. Trinity Oaks Multigen TOY Labradoodles generally shed very little or not at
all and are far more likely to have hypoallergenic coats. If shedding is not a concern and
no one in your family suffers from allergies, an F1 Labradoodle might be an excellent
choice for your family.  You should have no trouble finding an F1 Labradoodle if you
decide that a shedding dog will meet your family's needs - there are MANY F1
Labradoodle breeeders right here in Alabama and across the country .  While Trinity Oaks
Multigen TOY Labradoodles are far more likely than F1's to be hypoallergenic, we cannot
guarantee that you in particular will not have an allergic reaction to our puppies.  That is
why we strongly recommend that you visit our farm and handle the puppies one by one
in your own car to see if you react to the coat or dander.  That procedure has worked well
for those families with allergies who have come to us for puppies, and even though some
had already tried F1 Labradoodles and had allergic reactions to them, no one we know of
has had an allergic reaction to a Trinity Oaks  puppy. Also, bear in mind that a shed-free
dog MUST be groomed regularly!

All Labradoodles are very personable, intelligent, and sensitive.  A  Labradoodle
establishes a very close relationship with its master and lives to please its master.  
Communication is essential to establishing that relationship, and
we REQUIRE new
owners to take themselves and their Trinity Oaks TOY Doodle puppy  to obedience
classes during the first few months of ownership.  The training is more for the OWNER
than for the DOG!!!

Because of their higher Poodle content and resulting higher intelligence,  Trinity Oaks
American TOY Labradoodle puppies are outstanding choices for training as a service
dogs. Many of our pups have become service dogs and therapy dogs.  Our breeding
stock was chosen with intelligence, temperament, and personality as foremost
considerations. Unlike "Australian" Labradoodles, a Trinity Oaks Purely American TOY
Multigen Labradoodle pup has no Cocker Spaniel or other third breed mixed in. We
chose to emphasize temperament, personality, and intelligence over coat in the breeding
program for the Trinity Oaks Toy Labradoodle line.

Because of it's low-shed or no-shed coat , a Trinity Oaks Doodle is an excellent indoor
dog. All Doodles do very well indoors, but need plenty of exercise.  A Trinity Oaks TOY
Labradoodle is capable of getting adequate exercise indoors as easily as a Schipperke,
Jack Russell  or Maltese.  A Trinity Oaks TOY Labradoodle is also an excellent choice for
a medium to large home with a yard, a live-aboard boat or an RV, or in ANY size home or
apartment IF you have the time
and personal commitment to walk and exercise your
Doodle regularly.

A Trinity Oaks TOY Labradoodle will live on average  fifteen years or longer, and you
should plan on that long of a relationship.  Periodically some breed of dog becomes very
popular as the "in" dog.  I'm sure you'll agree that a bad reason to buy a TOY Doodle is
because it is the latest "in" dog.   An
excellent reason to bring a Doodle into your family is
because a Trinity Oaks TOY Labradoodle embodies the ideal combination of good
temperament, intelligence, personality, and loyalty in a four-legged family member.

While a Trinity Oaks TOY Labradoodle is probably among the most gentle of small dogs
with children, ALL small dogs feel threatened when handled roughly by children.  it is not
uncommon for very young children  to treat puppies  as toys rather than as
responsibilities.  Therefore we strongly recommend
against puppies for families with
children under the age of five years
unless the children have CLEARLY demonstrated
that they are highly responsible and sure to ALWAYS  be gentle with the puppy.

We apologize if we sound like we are trying to talk you out of a Trinity Oaks TOY
Labradoodle.  We love our dogs and want to make every effort to ensure that each
adoption is a well-thought out decision.  That is the best way we can ensure that the
relationship between owner and dog becomes a long-term relationship that is beneficial
and enjoyable for both the puppy and the other family members!  For obvious reasons,
we do NOT place Trinity Oaks TOY Labradoodles with people who intend to use them as
gifts unless the beneficiary of the gift participates in the selection process
. It is essential to
a lasting relationship that the puppy participate in the selection process!
Bailey, in Texas
Hi Ivy,

It has been some time since I
have communicated with you.  I
hope you
are well.  I thought you might be
interested in seeing some recent
pictures of Herschel.  Please
find some pictures attached.  
He is doing

Have a great day.

Paul Jordan
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