Hey Ivy
Just wanted to give you a Steve update.  He is doing great.  The vet says he is healthy and had gained
almost a pound in four days.  He is eating great.  I am feeding him Purina One large breed puppy which
the vet said was fine.  I am still mixing it with the diamond food and he
has had no problems.
We took him out in public for the first time yesterday.  We took him to Park Ave in Winter Park where
there are a lot of shops and sidewalk cafes.  We knew he was a show stopper but we did not realize the
extent of it.  Everyone we saw asked about him.  I should have taken some of your cards.  I did talk to
one lady and her husband who want one and I told her about you.  She gave me her card and I am going
to email her your info today.  Her name is Jean if she contacts you.  
He is doing great now at night.  I ended up taking him out of the crate at night and just leaving him on a
blanket by the bed.
No accidents at all so far at night.  I just think that he is such a people dog that the crate is torture at
night for him.  You would think he is dying.  I tried the t-shirt, the hot water bottle and the ticking clock
but he seems happy as a clam on the blanket and is sleeping through the night just fine.  We are crating
him when we leave which is fine because he knows we aren't there and he settles down and goes to
Most of our close friends and family have met him and they all love him.  He does great with Tim's
nieces.  Tim had him over at his parents' house yesterday and when I got there I didn't see him, then I
saw a lump under a blanket on the floor and Tim's niece had "tucked him in."  It was so funny.  We are
very happy with him and I will make sure to take your cards out with me the next time we take him out.  
I will try to send you some pictures soon.
Hi Ivy,
I just wanted to let you know that Stevie passed his Canine Good
Citizen (CGC) test through the AKC.  It is similar to the test that he
will have to take to be certified as a therapy dog through the Delta
Society.  I’m looking to continue his obedience classes at a place
called Best Paw Forward up in Sanford.  They should start next
week.  He is doing really well and has been swimming almost
every day.  I don’t know what he will do now that the weather is
getting cooler.  I hope you both are doing well.
- Meredith
Multigen Toy Labradoodle Puppies:
Letters and pictures from families with
puppies from our earlier standard and
mini breeding pairs
Hi there Ivy,  
Curly (Noodle) is adjusting great. She had no problem with the
ride and has been fantastic since we got her.

My nephew took some digital photos but needs a new USB cable
to get connected. As soon as we get them we'll forward some to
you. Her first vet appt. is Tuesday. Talk to you soon.  
- George
Daisy is a wonderful dog and she starts puppy training

We have been crate training her, and she has done well.  
She sleeps in our daughters bedroom and during the day
we have another crate for the downstairs. I take her to
the office when I go in and now all the staff gets mad if I
show up without her. She is my constant companion and
follows me everywhere I go (including the bathroom!) 'til
our daughters come home from school, then its major
play time. She already knows how to sit on command and
loves (and I mean loves) to play with empty water bottles.  
Who knew I could have saved all that money on the toys I
bought at Petsmart.  You may want to try it with your
dogs, just make sure the paper label is removed and they
will chew for hours!  I think she likes the sound it makes.
I promise to send some pics soon.  
Take care,
- Rosemarie
Marni - female Hebrew name that means
"Joyous"!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marni
at 6 months

Marni at 8 weeks

Ivy - I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know Marni is an amazing puppy! She and Zak are getting along beautifully. She keeps him on his toes. Marni has
such a sweet disposition and incredibly intelligent! I have not had ONE accident! I thought I would have to clean her training kennel when I got home this evening but
NO mess! She has even started going to the door. Isn't that amazing! I've only had her three days. I can't believe how wonderful she is. I truly believe she is a gift
from above! Take Care and God Bless!
- Lori, Zak and Marni
P.S. She chased her first lizard this evening. It was hilarious!

Hello Ivy and Gary -Just a quick update on Marni - She is wonderful - In the past couple of weeks I introduced her to my sister, a good friend of mine, my aunt and
my uncle! Of course, they all thought she was precious and beautiful. What makes me feel so good is that she is SOOOO Happy and secure here. She literally
bounces around all over the house. I don't worry about house training anymore because she goes to the door.... even
if it is raining! What she has done for Zak and I since we lost Sami is nothing short of a miracle! Several people have commented on how my demeanor has
changed from losing Sami to getting my new little angel - which is exactly what she is!. She and Zak play constantly - it is soooo funny and I find myself laughing all
the time!!! (so did my sister and my friend Peri) They just cracked us up! Anyway, I'll close for now.
Dear Ivy,
Thanks again for Jesse.  He's become
part of the family! Please see the
attached testimony and pictures.  If you
have any trouble getting them
just e-mail me back.

In Christ,
Inkie's first night.
Thank you for a great pup and a very
nice transaction/encounter with you-all.
- Patrick and Caroline

get a miracle dog?  Can I tell you that since I
relieve himself in my home?  And I promise, I
picked him up three days ago, he has yet to
relieve himself in my home?  And I promise, I
am feeding and watering him.  I always have
my eye on him, and he just likes to sit around,
chew some rawhide and nap while he is he
gets very happy, goes to the bathroom first,
inside.  When I bring him outside into the yard,
he gets very happy, goes to the bathroom first,
and then chases my feet around the yard.  I
will then take him inside, feed and water him,
and he will immediately follow me outside
when he is done and go to the bathroom him
again.  When Monday came, and I had to put
him in the crate before I left for work.  He was
put in the crate at 8 am, and when I returned
at noon to let him out and feed him, I found
that he had not relieved himself in his crate
either.  At eight weeks!  Is that unheard of, or
am I overreacting?  I know dogs will do den
whatever they can to make sure to keep their
control at eight weeks?  I find it amazing.
den clean, but can they have that much
control at eight weeks?  I find it amazing.
Of course, the first night was a little rough as
he howled in the cage next to my bed for
some time, and then started it again at 3 am,
and again at 6 am.  But the next day I gave him
a little crate training, and then that night I put
the T-shirt I was wearing into his crate.  He
slept the entire night that night, and did not
mess his crate once!  He did it again last night
as well!  He is the best puppy I have ever met,
and I can’t believe he is mine.
My neighbors have 2 dogs; a large Golden and
an Akita mix, and Herschel just loves them.  
They run around in the yard and have a great
time.  Herschel has no fear, at least of big
dogs.  When some other neighbors walked
through my cul-de-sac with their Yorkies,
Herschel became a little timid.  I found that a
little strange, but funny too.  Maybe it was
because the Yorkies were wearing sweaters.  
Anyway, I wanted to send you some pictures
for your website if you want to post them.  
They are from Herschel on his first day home.
Hope all is well with you two, and I will keep
you posted on Herschel’s progress.  Give
Jessie and Shug a treat for me for doing such
a great job!  You two have one as well! ;)  

Dear  Ivy, I'm not sure you received all the photos we sent. We wanted you to know Molson is WONDERFUL !! Shadeaux finally has another "Doodle" to
keep him busy! I also read the email from Herschels owner and I must agree- Molson came home house trained!! He seemed to kmow right away what
to do and where! Anyway, we want to thank you for another great addition to our family.

Sincerely, Robin and Ricky
They also gave me some powder to dust the inside of her ears
with to make it easier to pull the hairs out. The tech even had me
try it while she watched. She'll be spayed probably in a month and
she'll get her microchip then, too.  They said they'd prefer to do it
then because of the size of the needle. They also said she's the
best puppy they've had in weeks!
Now we know she likes to sleep on her back with her feet in the
air resting on the crossbars of the crate. Her front right paw
drapes across her chest which makes her look like my dad with
his hand on his stomach when he naps. Goofy little dog!  She's
also trying to figure out the sliding glass door. First she was
bonking her head into it, but now she sees her reflection and
backs away with a low growl. It's kinda funny but we'll have to
work on that.  Housebreaking is going OK.  We're doing our best
to  learn her schedule but we've had a few accidents.  Other than
that, she's been just great!  She's so sweet and incredibly
mellow.  I think we're going to explore the dog park tomorrow now
that she's had all her shots.  I'm sure she'll be excited to play with
the other dogs.  
Ricky and Robin's
"Molson" and
"Shadeaux".  Molson
is from Jessie's
present litter and
Shadeaux is from
Annie's last litter.
Trinity Oaks
Farm Toy
Gorgeous, lovable second
generation Labradoodle

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