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Labradoodle puppies
Well, we've officially fallen in love.  Molly is so sweet.  She had a great first night/day.  Slept right through the night in her crate
She is a bouncing, happy, adorable, and incredibly cuddly& loveable fur-ball!  She's already responding to her new name "Molly" and
this photo I'm attaching was taken 10 minutes ago.......some late-night cuddling before she goes out for her last walk of the day and
then to bed. The first one was taken right after we went out for an afternoon walk and she got her nose into some yard weed that she
ended up wearing on her snout.

Thanks again, and we'll send more as we go.

Lori, Bob, and Lindsey
Molly - at home near Jacksonville, FL
Trinity Oaks Purely American  Toy Labradoodles
Testimonials and pictures from families of puppies from
our former standard and mini breeding pairs
went for a walk and played with a couple toys for about 45 minutes.  
The with them (store, car ride to school, etc.)
It is obvious you guys took very good care of him because he
seems to be a very caring and loving dog.  We will email pictures in
the next week or so.

Adorable toy Doodles at
home with Anne and
Andy in Georgia
We now accept Paypal for deposits
and purchases once a visit has been
made and puppy and family have
been mutually selected.
minute.  Hokie is working on his certification to be a therapy
dog for Jill's nursing home.  Allie starts school in February.  
See attached photos and know that both Allie and Hokie have
loveable and caring dogs; oh did I say smart.  Allie regularly
goes to Sunday School with 12-15 2nd and 3rd grade girls.  If
she can handle that she can do anything.  
Thanks Again,
Ann & Andy
Lola has a home in Ocala!
Teddy, checking out his new roomie!
and with his new collar
at five months. Just had his summer trim
and we notice that his coat is getting real
curly…..  Follows us around all day.
- Leonard E.
Doobie is at his forever home
with Emily in California!
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to send
pictures of Hannah. She has been a great dog!
We could not love her more and she is so good
with our grandson.
-Nicki H
Hi  Ivy,
This is Paul and Ariane.  We just wanted to let you know that Desi is doing great and how much
so well.  He is the most lovable, sweetest baby boy.  We named him Desmond after the character
This is Paul and Ariane.  We just wanted to let you know that Desi is doing great and how much
on " LOST", don't know if you watched it, but Desmond's character brought everyone together we
are in love with him.  We just picked him up from the vet ( he got neutered today).  He is doing that
needed to be together, and that exactly what Desi (for short) does.  When he wants us together (
to play with him, which is all the time)  He will take one of my shoes and put it in the room he
wants us in and then he will take one of Paul's shoes and place it next to mine.  He doesn't chew
on them - he just sits there and looks at us.  SO CUTE!!!!.  He is a great addition and we love him
so much.  He already swims in the pool and is already telling us when he wants to go outside.  
After only 3 weeks.  I have to tell you that I thought he was already trained because he is just so
good.  He sleeps through the night- doesn't make a peep and he does his business right away
when we take him out in the morning.  He hasn't gone in his crate at all.  Thank you so much for
our Desmond.   He definitely picked us to be his parents.  His temperament is so great and this
has been a smooth and wonderful experience.   We wish you all the best and a speedy recovery
John.  Thank you so much for welcoming us in your home and allowing us plenty of time for
Desmond to pick us.  
God Bless you both,  Thanks Again!!!!
Paul, Ariane and Desmond
Hi just a quick update - Bella has adjusted extremely well! She is as
smart as you said she would be, she has attached to all of us
(especially my husband). She is my travel buddy -we pick up the
kids together everyday. Everyone that meets her falls in love with
her- she ! She gets half way up the girls' slide before sliding down.
We thank you again as she completes our family! I will send photos
and updates.
Sincerely Francine