Letters and pictures from families of our
former F1B standard and mini puppy line
Hey Ivy,
Our vet says he is healthy and
had gained almost a pound in
am feeding him Purina One
large breed puppy which the vet
said was fine.  I am still mixing it
with the diamond food and he
has had no problems.
We took him out in public for the
first time yesterday.  We took
him to Park Ave in Winter Park
where there are a lot of shops
and sidewalk cafes.  We knew
he was a show stopper but we
did not realize the extent of it.  
Everyone we saw asked about
him.  I should have taken some
of your cards.  I did talk to one
lady and her husband who want
one and I told her about you.  
She gave me her card and I am
going to email her your info
today.  Her name is Jean if she
contacts you.  
He is doing great now at night.  I
ended up taking him out of the
crate at night and just leaving
him on a blanket by the bed.
No accidents at all so far at
night.  I just think that he is such
a people dog that the crate is
torture at night for him.  You
would think he is dying.  I tried
the t-shirt, the hot water bottle
and the ticking clock but he
seems happy as a clam on the
blanket and is sleeping through
the night just fine.  We are
crating him when we leave
which is fine because he knows
we aren't there and he settles
down and goes to sleep.  
Most of our close friends and
family have met him and they all
love him.  He does great with
Tim's nieces.  Tim had him over
at his parents' house yesterday
and when I got there I didn't see
him, then I saw a lump under a
blanket on the floor and Tim's
niece had "tucked him in."  It
was so funny.  We are very
happy with him and I will make
sure to take your cards out with
me the next time we take him
I will try to send you some
pictures soon.

I have to ask you this first; did you potty train
Herschel before I picked him up?  Or did I just
get a miracle dog?  Can I tell you that since I
picked him up three days ago, he has yet to
relieve himself in my home?  And I promise, I am
feeding and watering him.  I always have my eye
on him, and he just likes to sit around, chew
some rawhide and nap while he is inside.  When
I bring him outside into the yard, he gets very
happy, goes to the bathroom first, and then
chases my feet around the yard.  I will then take
him inside, feed and water him, and he will
immediately follow me outside when he is done
and go to the bathroom again.  When Monday
came, and I had to put him in the crate before I
left for work.  He was put in the crate at 8am, and
when I returned at noon to let him out and feed
him, I found that he had not relieved himself in
his create either.  At eight weeks!  Is that
unheard of, or am I overreacting?  I know dogs
will do whatever they can to make sure to keep
their den clean, but can they have that much
control at eight weeks?  I find it amazing.
Of course, the first night was a little rough as he
howled in the cage next to my bed for some
time, and then started it again at 3am, and again
at 6am.  But the next day I gave him a little crate
training, and then that night I put the T-shirt I
was wearing into his crate.  He slept the entire
night that night, and did not mess his crate
once!  He did it again last night as well!  He is the
best puppy I have ever met, and I can’t believe
he is mine.
My neighbors have 2 dogs; a large Golden and
an Akita mix, and Herschel just loves them.  
They run around in the yard and have a great
time.  Herschel has no fear, at least of big dogs.  
When some other neighbors walked through my
cul-de-sac with their Yorkies, Herschel became a
little timid.  I found that a little strange, but funny
too.  Maybe it was because the Yorkies were
wearing sweaters.  Please.
Anyway, I wanted to send you some pictures for
your website if you want to post them.  They are
from Herschel on his first day home.
Hope all is well with you two, and I will keep you
posted on Herschel’s progress.  Give Jessie and
Shug a treat for me for doing such a great job!  
You two have one as well! ;)  Thanks!

Dear Ivy, I'm not sure you received all
the photos we sent. We wanted you to
know Molson is WONDERFUL !!
Shadeaux finally has another "Doodle"
to keep him busy! I also read the email
from Herschels owner and I must agree-
Molson came home house trained!! He
seemed to know right away what to do
and where! Anyway, we want to thank
you for another great addition to our

Sincerely, Robin and Ricky
Ivy,  want to let you know how much we are
enjoying Jesse.  She is so sweet and
lovable...and so full of energy and fun!  She has
become Logan's shadow and follows him
everywhere he goes...especially if he runs.  They
are the best of friends and spend all day
together.  When Logan gets a little older and
moves into a full size bed, I have a sneaking
suspicion I know exactly where Jesse will be
sleeping so they can be together all day and all
night.  For now she sleeps on a big pillow on the
floor on my side of the bed.
Thank you again for bringing Jesse into our
lives...and into our hearts.  She is a wonderful
-Julie Ann
Just to let you know, Miss Jesse is doing fine.  She
spent the evening following Annie around the backyard
and chasing one of Logan's kickballs.  We went to
Target and got her some puppy food, some rawhide,
and some tennis balls.  She's also found the perfect
hiding place...under my feet at the computer.
We had such a nice time out at your place today.  Thank
you for everything.  I'll send pictures tomorrow.
Logan fed Jesse as well as Annie & Roscoe tonight,
and when it was time for bed he hugged Jesse and told
her, "I luff loo, Jesse!"  I'm sure the poor dog was glad
to see him go to bed, he didn't want to leave her alone
all night.  He even hand-fed her most of her dinner!
We had such a nice time out at your place today.  Thank
you for everything.  I'll send pictures tomorrow.
-Julie Ann, Lance, and Logan
The kids are doing great.  They have had
two outside playtimes in the back yard.  
They run around the entire time with
Andi chasing Amos most often.  
However, she is smart enough to cut
through the pergola to ambush him!
Amos was the first to fall into the pool.  
My son and I were taking them out
to the back yard and Amos was
following behind Daniel.  When we got to
the screen door, Amos darted off to the
back of the pool area.  I called him and
he immediately came back towards me
(good boy!) however, he cut the corner
too close and fell in. Amos started
swimming but Daniel was right there to
scoop him out.  He looked so funny with
the curls plastered to his body
but his head still dry on top.

I can't tell you how much we love our
little "Doodle"!  She was house broken
(crate trained) within 1 week!  Doodle
started obedience school last week and
has got the basics down pat.  She is
very sociable with our other 2 dogs and
with the small children in our
neighborhood.  She will continue her
training and will work with children.  I
am so excited for her to work with
children!!  I know she will help in the
healing process.  
Thanks!!  Amanda and Stan
Trinity Oaks Farm
Northwest Alabama
Labradoodle TOY
Labradoodle puppies
Otis in Lake Mary, FL
Trinity Oaks originated the Multigen Toy Labradoodles!
We NOW breed only TOY
Labradoodles puppies!
MOST of these
pictures are from our
earlier standard and
mini Labradoodle
breeding program
Huntsville, AL