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Hi Ivy,
They had their third set of shots and Rabies shot
today.  The vet said they looked great.  Amos
weighed 16.2 lbs and Andi was 12.5 lbs.  That's
about a pound a week on average.  We figure
Amos will probably get to about 35 lbs and Andi
might make 25 lbs, but she had better grow some
longer legs or her belly will drag the ground!
Leash training is going great for Andi.  She
watches me to see where to go and just keeps
trotting along.  Amos on the other hand thinks he
has to
stop at each house so that people will come out to
pet him.  The problem is that so many do that it
takes us forever to make a loop around the
neighborhood!  Everyone just oohhs and aahhs
about how precious they are. They think Amos is a
handsome lover boy and that Andi has the cutest
face! Of course we agree totally!  We try to walk
them twice a day plus they have a couple of
run-around-the-back-yard times as well.  Puppy
school starts for them the first week in November.
Besides eating anything wooden in sight, they are
both great at snapping off my plants while in full
running stride.  Terry has fenced off most of my
important plants but blooming flowers beware. Did
you know that Zinnias were edible?
Andi is also a proficient lizard catcher as well.  So
far she has caught three that we know of.  
Fortunately, all have survived.  They both have
gone after some of my low flying butterflies, too.  
We had a stern talking-to about that being a NO NO!
They love their TV time each night.  I put Andi on
my lap or chest and she lays there and goes to
sleep.  Amos lays beside Terry and manages to
stretch himself out so that he has one whole
cushion of his own.  They will stay there for over
an hour if you let them.
I am attaching some photos for your website, if you
wish to use them.  As you can tell, they have
changed some.  Amos is getting some brown in his
muzzle as well as in the hair on his feet pads.  His
hair seems to be straighter on his body but still
curly around the face.  He does shed some.  
Andi's new hair is lighter in color although she still
has an apricot streak down her back.  The hair on
her feet is getting curly as it grows and she has
some waves across her back.
I hope the others who got Annie's pups are as
happy as we are.  They are exhausting at times but
always entertaining and lovable!

Mary and Terry
Tiny mini Toy
Labradoodle puppies
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