F1 Labradoodles (50% Poodle and 50% Labrador Retriever) are beautiful, sweet and adorable in their own
right, To get a better non-shed fleecy coat, we back-bred our carefully selected F1 Labradoodle mini female
with our carefully selected toy Poodle male to produce Purely American F1B
Toy Labradoodle breeder that
is 75% Poodle and 25% Labrador Retriever.  He breeds with a carefully selected female
multigen tiny mini
Labradoodle to produce our original  Toy Multigen American Labradoodle puppies. Unlike "Australian"
Labradoodles, there is no Cocker Spaniel or other third breed mixed into a Trinity Oaks Toy Labradoodle.
We have nothing against Cocker Spaniels (we have had three of them ourselves) or any other breed, we
simply insist upon maintaining the extraordinary intelligence of the purely American Labradoodle by not
infusing any breed purely for the sake of coat.
Trinity Oaks Toy Labradoodle puppies are generally ready for new homes by eight to ten weeks of age.
Trinity Oaks Toy Labradoodles are easily house-trained as indicated by our testimonials.   Size, coat, and
personality are more discernible by 10 to 12 weeks or older. As a rule of thumb, at sixteen weeks you can
make a pretty accurate determination of adult size, as they will be half their adult size at  sixteen weeks.
Final color may not be fully determined for more than two years, especially with blacks and sables. The
temperament of neutered males and females is very similar. Nevertheless, individual puppies each have their
own personality.  Some can be more playful, while others from the same litter can be more laid-back and
Coats can range from wavy, to curly, depending on genetic variables.  While the pups are 75% Poodle and
25% Labrador by breeding, their genetic makeup can vary - with some having slightly more Labrador
characteristics and some having slightly more Poodle characteristics. Labradoodle fleecy or curly coats will
require periodic clipping but will shed little or none at all. Naturally, we can make no guarantees regarding
Both neutered males and females are equally easy to house-train, and equally intelligent and personable.  
Most of our families tell us that house training takes a week or less.
Trinity Oaks provides regular
veterinary checkups and vaccinations for our Toy Labradoodle puppies while
on our premises, ensuring that our puppies  leave here in good health. We do not pretend to be veterinarians
and do NOT vaccinate our own dogs! All of our dogs and pups are vaccinated by licensed veterinarians. Our
breeding program produces such high quality and loyal following that a few years back, one of our puppies'
owners  even organized reunion parties for Trinity Oaks puppies and their owners!
Adult weights of our Trinity Oaks
Multigen Toy Labradoodle puppies should vary from about 15 pounds to
about 17 pounds at 12" tall. Our adult female
Multigen Mini-Labradoodle breeder is 11 lbs. Our F1B toy
Labradoodle  stud weighs 1
4 pounds.   Diet and exercise play an important role in growth and development
and Trinity Oaks cannot ever guarantee sizes, nor can we estimate adult sizes until pups are 16 weeks old.
Trinity Oaks Toy Labradoodles come in a variety of colors, including black, sable, apricot, cream, and rarely
silver chocolate or white.  Multigen Labradoodles must be regularly groomed  by regular brushing and
clipping.   And as with poodles, all Trinity Oak American
Toy Labradoodles  will need regular removal of
hair from their ears.
Many owners find Trinity Oaks Toy Multigen Labradoodles to be the perfect dogs for allergy sufferers.  But
that can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.  For that reason, Trinity Oaks makes no  guarantee of
the puppies regarding suitability for allergy sufferers. We suggest you bring your allergy sufferer to our farm
and we will bring one pup at a time into your car for socialization to determine whether or not it has allergens
that will affect you. That has worked well for our clients, and
none of our allergy-suffering clients has yet
had a reaction to any of our puppies.
We breed for temperament, personality, coat, and suitability for allergy sufferers.  Many allergy sufferers who
have severe allergies live comfortably with Trinity Oaks Toy Multigen American  Labradoodles.
Environmental conditions contribute to this crippling ailment.  You
should never let your puppy climb up and down steps until he or she is
at least a year old. Puppy hips aren't ready for the trauma that
negotiating stairs can cause.
Bart, the
granddad of
them all -
retired as a
house pet!
Trinity Oaks breeds Purely American Multigen Tiny
Mini Toy Labradoodle puppies.
North Alabama Mini Labradoodle
FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: Everyone has a favorite brand of dog  food.  We only insist that you feed a high
quality DRY dog food.  
Do NOT feed your Labradoodle canned food or table scraps.  You WILL have health
problems if you do.
Your vet will likely recommend a brand of dog food, and some vets sell dog food.  We
presently feed our dogs Old Roy Complete dry dog food, due to consistent  quality, and no reports of Salmonella.  
We will supply you with enough of our dog food to transition your puppy to the brand of your choice. Watch the
puppy's poops  regularly.  If they are soft and yellow, you're feeding the pup too much food.
Trinity Oaks
Toy Labradoodles
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 retired. Shelby had
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